Power splitter / combiner / coupler HY1 -6dB  1-1000MHz with mounting flange View larger

Power splitter, 6dB, 1-1000MHz with mounting flange


Based on a resistive bridge design; excellent performance at the HF, VHF and well into the UHF band.

  • Bandwidth : 1 - 1000 MHz
  • Insertion loss : 6 dB
  • Isolation (S23) : > 40 dB
  • Maximum power : 0.2 W
  • Maximum voltage : 50V

This module features two mounting flanges.

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This three-port device splits power applied to one port (P1) between the other two (P2, P3). Conversely it can be used to combine two signals. Insertion loss (S21, S31) is designed to be 6 dB while maintaining a very high degree of isolation between port 2 and 3.

The splitter/combiner is designed for 50 Ohm systems and exhibits a very low return loss at all SMA ports. The unit is housed in a milled aluminium enclosure.


dircpl-6-1-1000-A datasheet

Datasheet 6 dB Power splitter / Directional coupler, 1 - 1000MHz, hybride

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