RF Directional Couplers

RF power directional couplers from 0.1 MHz up to 1000 MHz. Very high isolation and directivity.

  • From 0.1 Mhz up to 1 GHz
  • Excellent directivity from 20dB up to 60dB
  • Very high return loss
  • Solid aluminium case

Directional couplers are used to measure the magnitude of reflections caused by an impedance discontinuity. The magnitude of these reflections is most conveniently expressed as return loss in dB. Sometimes the results are expressed as a voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), which can be directly derived from the return loss.

One of the most important parameters of a directional coupler is its directivity. This parameter defines the smallest number of reflections that can be measured with some given accuracy. It turns out that directivity is one-to-one tied to the isolation between the signal port and the DUT port.

A resistive bridge is very capable of creating the needed high isolation and does so over a very broad frequency range.

The HY (hybrid)–type couplers have an equal S21 and S31 (hence the term “hybrid”) and can therefore also be used as splitters.

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