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RF & Microwave Products

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  • Enclosures

    Alumimum RF and Microwave enclosures for RF applications, RF prototyping, and as an RF test fixture.

    There are two versions:

    • For a PCB size of approximately one inch2 (square). Fits well with a single RF stage.
    • For a PCB size of approximately two inch2 (rectangle). For more complex RF sections.

    These RF enclosures are designed with prototyping and small series production in mind. They are produced by CNC milling of a block of aluminum. The result is a solid aluminum enclosure with very tight tolerances and very good EM shielding capabilities. The system has SMA ports, a turret terminal for ground, and a feed trough capacitor for applying power. All ports and terminals can be covered with plates when not in use.

    RF enclosure MINI
    RF enclosure MINI with PCB
    RF enclosure MINI-EXT-FX
    RF enclosure MINI-EXT-FX with PCB

    The SMA connectors are removable so that the PCB can be replaced easily with a new version. The top and bottom plates are removable. There is also room for components at the bottom of the PCB.

  • Modules

    Broad range of RF & Microwave modules. Typical use is in test and measurement systems, RF design, research facilities and universities. All modules are constructed from a machined aluminum housing with excellent mechanical, EM shielding and thermal properties. They all use SMA connectors.

    The RF & Microwave modules are divided in several subcategories.

    • Power splitter / combiners
    • Directional couplers
    • DC blocks and Bias-Tees
    • RF amplifiers
    RF module
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Showing 1 - 12 of 34 items