• Specialized RF & Microwave Modules

    Specialized RF & Microwave Modules

    • Aluminum RF and microwave enclosures
    • Power splitter / combiners
    • Low Noise Amplifiers
    • Directional couplers

    • Aluminum modules milled with high precision
    • RF PCB reference designs
    • Sold to 5 continents

Specialized RF and microwave modules

  • Aluminum enclosures for RF and microwave PCB prototyping or small batch production
    • Low VSWR SMA ports
    • Reference PCB designs
  • Directional coupler modules
  • Power splitter and combiner modules
  • Bias-T modules
  • Low noise Amplifier (LNAs) modules
  • Low frequency DC block modules

All modules are delivered from stock. We deliver worldwide.


  • RF and microwave prototyping. Design and test RF PCBs using aluminum RF enclosures.
  • Use RF and microwave modules to create Test and Measurement systems.
  • Development of wireless communication systems using standard microwave modules.
  • Research and development of new RF designs.
  • Education. Demonstrate fundamental RF functions by using RF modules.