DC-blocks and Bias-Tees
  • Isolation between DC and RF power
  • Inject / extract DC power to / from a RF coaxial line
  • Very wide frequency range
  • Excellent return loss

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  • DC-Blocks

    A DC-block blocks DC content from an AC signal. It is used to to protect sensitive equipment or to minimize DC signals that would otherwise influence the performance of the system or stage the signal is fed to.

    • Bandwidth : 20kHz - 5 GHz
    • Insertion loss < 0.5 dB
    • Very high return loss of 20 dB or better
    • Solid aluminium case

    A DC block is used to protect sensitive equipment from any DC component or to improve measurement accuracy by removing any DC offset that may otherwise influence a measurement device negatively.

  • Bias-Tees
    • Extremely wide RF frequency range of 4.7 decades: 100 KHz–6000 GHz
    • Very flat insertion loss over its entire frequency range
    • Very low return loss at its RF ports (> 20 dB)
    • Very high isolation (> 40 dB)

    These devices are used to provide DC power over an RF coaxial cable to power RF devices (for example, an LNA close to an antenna). In a typical application, two bias tees are used, one to inject power and another to extract power. DC power can be applied or retracted by means of an SMA connector or a set of turret/feedthrough capacitor terminals.

    These bias tees are designed for demanding bias tee applications that must operate at a close-to-ideal level. The bias tee circuits are tuned for a very flat frequency response and excellent return loss at its RF ports.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items