Power splitter 2R 6dB 0-6GHz

Reference: SPLT-2R1-0-6000-B-NF

  • Resistive splitter in 2R configuration
  • Frequency range : 0 - 6 GHz
  • Insertion loss (S21, S31) : 6 dB
  • Isolation (S23) : 12 dB
  • Return loss at P1 > 20 dB
  • Maximum power : 0.2 W
  • Maximum voltage : 50V

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This three-port device splits power applied to one port between the other two. Insertion loss is equal to 6dB. Two resistor splitter configuration.

The splitter is designed for applications in which the powersplit should be independant of the load impedance. This is the case when the power output ratio of port 2 and 3 is measured with this device.

Another typical application is a levelling loop. In this case one of the ports (either P2 or P3) is used in a negative feedback loop to set the power output level of a generator to some reference value. Now, the other port outputs the same amount of power at a very low equivalent VSWR, due to the effective reflection coefficient approaching zero.

For all other applications, use a 3R power splitter (resistive splitter with three resistors).

The splitter is housed in a milled aluminium enclosure.


Splitter 2R1 0-6000MHz -6dB Rev B datasheet

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