Bias-T, 100KHz - 6GHz, with mounting flange

Reference: BIAS-T1-0.1-6000-A-YF

Bias-T, 100KHz - 6GHz

  • Ultra wide and flat frequency response
  • High isolation (> 40dB typical)
  • Low VSWR
  • Bandwidth : 100Khz - 6GHz
  • Maximum voltage : 50V

This module features two mounting flanges.

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This device can inject or subtract DC power from an RF signal that travels through its RF ports. Insertion loss between the RF ports is very low (< 1 dB) and has an extremely flat frequency curve. The RF ports are matched to 50 ohms and have a very low return loss over their entire operation range.

This bias tee has an extremely wide operating range of more than 4 decades, running from 100 KHz up to 6 GHz.

The isolation between the RF ports and DC power port is very high (> 40 dB). The DC power port is implemented both as an SMA connector and as a set of terminals (feedthrough capacitor and turret terminal).

The bias tee is housed in a milled aluminum enclosure.