• Extremely wide RF frequency range of 4.7 decades: 100 KHz–6000 GHz
  • Very flat insertion loss over its entire frequency range
  • Very low return loss at its RF ports (> 20 dB)
  • Very high isolation (> 40 dB)

These devices are used to provide DC power over an RF coaxial cable to power RF devices (for example, an LNA close to an antenna). In a typical application, two bias tees are used, one to inject power and another to extract power. DC power can be applied or retracted by means of an SMA connector or a set of turret/feedthrough capacitor terminals.

These bias tees are designed for demanding bias tee applications that must operate at a close-to-ideal level. The bias tee circuits are tuned for a very flat frequency response and excellent return loss at its RF ports.

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